A German Christmas at the Umeda Sky Building

Umeda Sky Building
The Umeda Sky Building, is a spectacular high rise building in the Kita or better known as the Umeda district of Osaka. Umeda Sky Building is situated near Osaka and Umeda Stations.
You can actually describe it as being somewhere in-between. This area in which it’s located at, is also known as the “New Umeda City“.
The view over Umeda from above will take your breath away!
The observatory offers a great view of the city for a 700 yen admission fee.
You can walk to Umeda Sky Building from the Umeda Station Area. It is closest to Osaka JR station and it’s about a 10 minute walk from. Not far at all.
The 173 meter tall building consists of two main towers which are connected with each other by the “Floating Garden Observatory” on the 39th floor.
Takimi-koji Ancient Streets
These are the “ancient streets” of Takimi-koji
Now, the real highlight of this area, is actually the “secret” new city.
Why do I say “secret”?
Coming here, you’ll feel like as if you’ve stepped back in time!
Firstly, it’s underground. Secondly, it’s “ancient”. And lastly, not many tourists know about it. So take this useful info down! 😉
So, this “secret” new city in referring to is the Takimi-koji restaurant mall, a replica of a Japanese street of the early Showa Period.
This recreation, recreates the streets of the romantic Taisho era. 
Over here, enjoy shopping for memorable things.
The street is full of antiques such as; wind-up clocks of the early 50s and 60s, tin toys of the good old days, dinner wares and accessories from Europe, oil lighters, radio, and many more!
Takimi-koji restaurant mall is is to be found on the first basement floor (B1).
Offices occupy most of the building’s other floors.
Sky Garden
Then consider a visit to the observation deck on Umeda Sky Building!
Breathtaking views over Osaka can be had, above the Umeda Sky Building
The views are pretty spectacular, and it’s conveniently located just only…all the way up the building!
However, don’t worry too much as with Japan’s technology, going from 0 to 39th floor is quick and simple with high-speed elevators, and a quick escalator ride up!
Admission is not too expensive either, as mentioned above, 700 yen!
The Japanese name is 空中庭園 which means “Sky Garden,” but most people will understand if you say Sky Building as it is written in Katakana, like スカイビル.
When I visited this beautiful place last Christmas (AGAIN!), nothing much has changed, except that this time, there was a beautiful German Christmas festival market going on!
To see my previous visit to Umeda Sky Building’s Sky Garden, please feel free to click the link! =)
Now for the fun part!
Once you get up there you can walk 360 around the deck.
On the floor, there are multi-colored laser lights dotted meant to represent the stars in the galaxy. 
Trippy shit if you ask me!
From the Sky Garden, you can even see as far as Namba!
This is quite nice as you can take a wide variety of photos. There is also no glass between you and the outside.
For me this was a great thing, as it meant I could take glass free pictures – and that’s very important especially for a photographer like me!!
There are a couple more things you could do, after or before going up the Sky Garden.
Firstly, you can write wishes (in any language of your choice) on paper stars.
After which, you tie a string around the attachment loop, and hang your wish, up there with the other stars – wishes from many different people from all around the world!
Secondly, you can mail those “stars” to your friends, family, lover, mistress, a son you never knew you once had, or even Santa Claus himself – Japan Post will do its job effectively for you! =)
German Christmas Markets in Osaka’s Umeda Sky Building
Berlin shines in a festive blaze of lights every year in the period before Christmas.
German Christmas markets add a welcome touch to the festive ambiance!
There are many Christmas markets to wander round and enjoy. On grand boulevards and squares and also in small side streets and in museums, they’ll all never fail to surprise you with their magic, charm and Christmassy delicacies.
Whether thought provoking and fairytale or trendy and urban – there’s something for everyone for sure.
The magic of traditional German Christmas markets never fails to cast every visitors under its spell every year.
Historic Christmas markets, held in cities, towns and villages throughout the country, are becoming increasingly more popular, due, no doubt, to the enchanting Festive Season atmosphere they evoke.
The Christmas fairs and Christmas markets of Germany are unique.
And now, German Christmas markets have come to Japan! And it’s right at the foot, of Umeda Sky Building! 
No Christmas market will be complete without a Carousel!
If you’re tired of commercialism taking over this holiday period and would like to get right away for a real traditional and romantic Christmas Market you might want to consider heading to Osaka Sky Building next Christmas, where Christmas gifts are not mass-produced, but craftwork of real quality, German craftsmen.
Santa trips out on LED!
Here you can buy all kinds of Christmas merchandise and gifts, especially traditional things such as crib figurines, toys, wood carvings, marionettes, candles and lambskin shoes to place underneath your traditional Christmas tree.
It started snowing halfway, completing the magical touch of Christmas!
Many are difficult to resist – as will be the glass of delicious mulled wine you are offered and the baked apples that are very welcome on crisp winter days.
The ambiance of a typical German Christmas Market is further enhanced by the aromas of hot chestnuts, grilled sausages and other tasty snacks.
Youngsters especially will be attracted to the gingerbread biscuits known as Lebkuchen, marzipan figures and other sweets.
Best of all, ALL the food-stands are managed and run by Germans! German expats or those currently living in Japan, to be precise.
So, what are you waiting for? Plan your trip to Umeda Sky Building, this Christmas and enjoy a wonderful German Christmas, in Japan!
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