A day in Kyoto!~ ❀

We stopped by Osaka and headed for Kyoto before going back to Tokyo.
This is Ame-mura in Osaka, and we’ve just did some shopping! 🙂
Amerika Mura
The famed “running man” in Shinsaibashi-suji is
a very popular meeting point/landmark in Osaka.
Kyoto Aquarium
Kyoto Aquarium is a brand new aquarium/sea life exhibit that was opened just earlier this year.
The Aquarium has very adorable penguins!
More pictures of Kyoto Aquarium below!
 Had late lunch at a pastry cafe. 
They serve amazing pastries and a wide variety of bread and sandwiches!
Also, I love how they prepare their soup!
“Stop taking my picture!” – LOL!
We’re in Kyoto now!
Kyoto is the cultural capital of Japan.
From the pictures, I hope you can understand and see why!
Beautiful trees, flowers and colors line the path!
 Along with aged but very well preserved shop houses complete the picture.
Isn’t it Picturesque?
Unspoiled nature everywhere!
This structure, known as the Silver Pavilion, is at the northern end of the Philosopher’s walk pathway.
Gigantic stone mountain. Built with stones/pebbles.
(It’s actually a dry landscape zen garden)
This is Ginkakuji and it’s in Kyoto!
It’s name means “Silver Pavilion” and was intended to be coated silver however, for some reasons, the plan didn’t pull through and it was left untouched.
Hence, the brown colored pavilion you see here.
It still looks great and the traditional Japanese zen moss garden surrounding it is beautiful!
Nature’s colors are beautiful – don’t you think so?
A leisurely evening stroll down Gion, the city center of Kyoto.
Dinner Time!
More pictures from the Kyoto Aquarium here!
Can you spot the Eel?
Nautilus are said to have existed since the age of Dinosaurs!
 We  these guys!
This looks straight out of a fantasy book!
Jellyfish + neon lights + camera = Great pictures!
Look at this guy here!
I love the way they move!
I like to move it,move it,
She likes to move it,move it..
He likes to move it,move it…
Is that a…fish?
Damn.. I need a haircut.


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5 thoughts on “A day in Kyoto!~ ❀

  1. you are having so much of pix so much of interesting stuff! its awesome! wowww! the aquarium looks awesomeeeeeeee!!!! your pix is so HD! thanx for sharing!

  2. Anonymous

    Emperor penguin always look cool especially being featured in documentaries and anime Azumango Daioh mascot during fun fair day. Usually, K-On! and Yuru Yuri love to portray Kyoto with Matcha, Dango and Tea ceremony. I wonder do they sell mochi there?

  3. […] course of history came to be considered the mother of culture within Japan.    For this reason, Kyoto is often called “Japan’s heartland”, and it is said that it is impossible to know […]

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