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After leaving Liechtenstein, we now arrive in Germany!
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Arriving in Germany – Titisee
So…we arrived at the tourist township of Titisee, home to Germany’s Black Forest, together with the largest Cuckoo Clock center & last but not least – one of Germany’s most picturesque lakes!
Titisee – Neustadt 
The New Town of Titisee
Lake Titisee in Neustadt
The scenic highlight of Titisee – Neustadt is doubtless the fantastic setting of Titisee lake whose crystal-clear water attracts thousands of enthusiastic swimmers to the healthy climate of the resort town bearing the same name.
Since its conversion to a pedestrian zone and waterfront promenade, Seestraße is considered the loveliest street for strolling in the Southern Black Forest.
The vacationing guest will find a broad selection of accommodation which ranges from rustic, well-equipped inns to comfortable apartments as well as middle-market and first-class hotels.
“Does Santa live here?”
Neustadt has more of a village atmosphere, inviting one to stroll and shop and, due to both its central and yet charming scenic location, it is the starting point for many a hike and outing in the surrounding area.
Sports play a big role in Neustadt.
The annual Black Forest Ski Jumping Tournament with international stars takes place at the “Hochfirstschanze” – the largest natural ski jump in Germany while table tennis players from the 1st and 2nd national leagues meet in Neustadt every year for the Black Forest Table Tennis Tournament.
The famous Cuckoo Clocks which are renowned all over the world, are all made in Titisee-Neustadt.
Black Forest
The Black Forest in Titisee
The Black Forest was setting of countless Grimm Brothers’ fairy tales, 
Titisee is like a German winter wonderland!
They are among the most well-known storytellers of folk tales, popularizing stories such as Cinderella, The Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, Rapunzel, Rumpelstiltskin, and Snow White. 
Their first collection of folk tales, “Children’s and Household Tales”, was published here in 1812.
The Black Forest is the land of Cuckoo Clocks
The Black Forest happily plays up to its image as a land of Cuckoo Clocks, cherry gâteaux, outlandish traditional garb, hefty half-timbered farmhouses and hill upon hill of dark evergreen forest.
A hundred years ago there were just about a handful of farmhouses. Until the year 1929 the settlement which covered a larger area was called “Viertäler” which means four valleys.
Today the town called “Titisee” is a health resort with many hotels and inns. In a community reform programme the town was connected with the town of ” Neustadt” and now it is called “Titisee-Neustadt”. 
Winter resort holiday?? This is the place to be!
It has developed into an attractive and lively center offering amusement to the visiting tourists.
Lake Titisee
When we were here, almost the entire lake of Titisee was frozen over!
The lake is a kind of natural reservoir, whose water is dammed up by glacial moraines. 
It is two kilometers long and 700 meters wide and with that it is the largest natural lake in the Black Forest. It was presumably named after the Roman emperor Titus.
It is nicely situated at 858m above sea level between wooded slopes of the “Feldberg” and the “Hochfirst”. It also gets its water from there in a creek, the “Seebach” which flows into the lake and which leaves it under the name of “Gutach”. 
The 2 creeks “Gutach” and “Haslach” unite and become the “Wutach” which is a tributary of the River Rhine.
Germany – Lake Titisee
Today the lake is a popular place for outings. 
You can walk around it too!
The walk would take about 1hour to 1hour 30minutes on a pleasant path. Otherwise you can opt to go fishing, wind-surfing and even sailing, too.
The massive Lake Titisee, almost entirely frozen!
Unfortunately as you can see, the entire lake was frozen up due to a particularly cold winter season!
The place is beautiful and worth a visit of at least a few hours. 
Although commercial there are many shops worth checking out for local souvenirs.
There are also nice places to have coffee & cake…or a drink too!
Going to the lake you’ll see shops on both sides.
The lake is nice and many small boats available for rent.
It’s certainly picturesque and varied with forests and lone properties on either bank, hillside views and the thriving town of Titisee, which is gathered at one end.
The Cuckoo Clock
The origins of the Cuckoo Clocks are uncertain…
Though the first known description comes from Saxony in the mid-sixteenth century, it’s thought they were probably first made in Bohemia.
Meticulously detailed Clocks that make you go “Cuckoo”!
 Certainly it was only about a hundred years later in the 1730s – that Cuckoo Clocks began to be made in the Black Forest, with Schönwald near Triberg being the site of the earliest workshops.
The quality of the craftsmanship and engineering quickly captured the imagination and the European market, and the Cuckoo Clock has roosted here ever since.
Local shops sell a bewildering array, but as the over-eager shop assistants will inform you, it all boils down to three designs – the chalet, the hunting theme and the simple carved cuckoo.
The technology in each is pretty much the same, clocks with small pine cones dangling below them require daily winding while those with larger cones need only weekly attention.
There’s more labour-saving on hand, thanks to the digital revolution which hasn’t been allowed to bypass this traditional craft: some models are battery- and quartz-driven, and play recordings of an actual Cuckoo on the hour; others are even light sensitive so both you and the bird can get some sleep.
The amazing Cuckoo Birds..!
This cozy restaurant is where we had our lunch.
Pork Knuckle or Schweinshaxe – my favourite!
Schweinshaxe in German cuisine, is a roasted pork knuckle, especially popular in Bavaria.
There are a few different variations to this dish, but the Bavarian version is my favorite of them all.
The Bavarian version is often served with Potatoes & Sauerkraut – sour cabbage, which is finely cut cabbage that has been fermented by various lactic acid bacteria.
Personally, I fully adored the atmosphere this small town exuded and I truly enjoyed my stay here!
I really liked this place and couldn’t think of a better time other then winter, to visit this Titisee!
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