✰Somewhere Out in Space✰


We’re on our way to Kyushu!
This is the rechargeable contactless smart card used as a fare card on train lines in the Kyushu region. Sugoca!
Here we are, in Kyushu!
Since we’re in the area, we’ve decided to have some fun!
…And here we are! Space World!
Check this out!!
It basically speeds FAST to the top, pauses for a split second… and then down it goes.
Vertical, steep, heart drops..heck, I might have crapped my pants!
We’ve got really bad weather here today and are really thankful to our lucky stars that the rides are still operating!
Space World is a big amusement “space themed” park located in Kitakyushu, the northernmost city on the island of Kyushu.
It boasts over 30 attractions, ranging from mild rides suitable for children to exciting ones for thrill seekers. Their signature ride is “Venus GP“, a roller coaster that twists and turns around a huge model of a space ship, making a 360 degree loop in the process. 
Other entertainment at the park include 4D simulators, family-orientated fun rides, song and dance theater shows, and carnival game stands.
Say “Hi” to Zaturn! Taste fear and exhilaration with this “rocket” coaster that blasts riders at 130kph to the top of this attraction, a maximum angle of 89 degrees and height of 65 meters!
Furthermore, there is a water park that opens in the summer, where visitors can take a dip in the play pools or engage in interesting activities such as going down tall water slides.
This is TITAN V! There’s hardly time to breathe when this thrill ride suddenly plummets down 60m at 115kph!
Hail the almighty Venus! A thrill like no other, wonder at the gigantic loops and twisting, turning course!
I personally highly recommend this coaster to die-hard thrillseekers! Speed, drops, loops, curves and most importantly, when it moves, it’s silky SMOOTH as silkworm! And it sure as hell is scary too! I LOVE it!
Another coaster here is Clipper. This coaster is more geared toward family’s with kids. It’s Fun!
Yes, go ahead and eat the Pikachu… ◔̯◔
This is the indoor section of Space world’s theme park!

Beautiful Flowers! I love flowers very much, I guess the only other person who loves flowers as much 

as me, is my friend Roxanne. She runs an awesome blog! Check her out here.
my sweets!
UNGLAM! Hahahahaha!
 See, TEETH!
Damn! I thinkl I’ve caught an eye infection! It’s really red & sore. I hope it doesn’t stay long!
Hence the Pirate eye patch! Even Jack Sparrow doesn’t have one! LOL!~
﴾͡๏̯͡๏﴿ O’RLY?
NOMnomNOMS, MUNCH!~ Unglam max! Hahhaha! 
Yup, it’s dinner time and she’s pissed…!
Do you have something like Space World in your neck of woods?

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  1. Is that ur wife/girlfriend?
    Both of you look sweet together~~

    • Thanks!! Sorry for the late reply!
      To answer your question, as of then – no.
      But now, we’re happily married 🙂


  2. Nice pictures~ I love both of your caps, looks really great ^^

  3. Yup! Thank you so much!~

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