✬ Getreidegasse “Grain Lane” – Salzburg ✬

Part 2
Upon Arriving in Austria, Salzburg…
We headed for Residenzplatz, stopping by Getreidegasse along the way!
Part 1 can be found here, link below:
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Here we are, Getreidegasse!!
Getreidegasse – The Grain Lane
Getreidegasse, means Grain Lane in German – translated.
A.K.A Grain Lane
Grain Lane is located very nearby Residenzplatz and that’s where we’ll be staying for the night.
But before that…back to Getreidegasse, the Grain Lane!
When traveling to Salzburg, Austria, leave plenty of time for sightseeing – you wouldn’t want to miss out on top attractions like Getreidegasse!
One of the oldest streets in Salzburg, most of the buildings in Getreidegasse feature wrought-iron guild signs hanging above the shops.
Old Town
Getreidegasse – Grain Lane is a busy shopping street in the Old-Town section of Salzburg.
Originally called Trabegasse derived from traben, meaning: “To trot”, its name was then changed several times over the years, before it finally became: The Grain Lane.
Mozart’s Geburtshaus
The house at Getreidegasse 9 is the place where Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born and where he lived until the age of 17. 
This house in which Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart was born on the January 27, 1756 is now one of the most frequently visited museums in the world.
Geburtshaus, birthplace of Mozart
No other place makes the person behind the artist – Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and his music, as palpable as his birthplace.
Getreidegasse 9 is a must-see while in Salzburg. This is where Mozart was born on January 27, 1756, and lived with his family for the next few years. 
Upon entering you feel as if you had been transferred into another era: uneven staircases, low ceilings and original furniture heighten the sense that you are in the same environment that fostered a musical genius.
 On display are not only the original instruments Mozart used to play in his early days in Salzburg, but three additional exhibitions: “A Day in the Life of a Child Prodigy,” “Mozart at the Theater“, and “The Mozarts – a Family Introduces Itself”. 
All these showcase his upbringing and early life. 
A Must-See if you love Mozart!
Coming back to the Grain Lane, the charm of the Getreidegasse is probably the most famous district in Salzburg.
Couldn’t help it, the smell was too alluring!
This shopping lane is not only generated by the high, narrow houses tightly nestled together & the enticing shops and the wrought-iron guild signs that hangs above the shops.
But also, the romantic passageways and courtyards certainly add to the overall atmosphere and feel – generated from this place.
Gangnam style??!
The big group of nice young people in this picture were locals doing some filming some sort of fun project!
They approached us thinking we were Korean and requested us to do a “Gangnam Style” for their film!!
(They were really nice & cute and I couldnt help but laugh myself to death!)
We thoroughly enjoyed our visit and getting to learn the history of Mozart in the process.

Getreidegasse is a very busy & beautiful street indeed – early mornings is definitely one of the more ideal time of day, to visit.
Mmmm… Pretzels!
Mmmmm….Yummy yum yumm!!~
Hey everyone, did you know fruits are good for your health?? =/
Some groceries before getting on our way to our accommodation for the night.
Salzburg has loads to offer and see, stay tuned for the next part where we’ll be checking out the area of Residenzplatz!

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I really hope you enjoyed reading!

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  5. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  6. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  7. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  8. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  9. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  10. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  11. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  12. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

  13. […] 2: Getreidegasse – Mozart’s Birthplace […]

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