♛ Vivienne Westwood ✙

Vivienne Westwood
Often called the Grand Dame of British fashion; Dame Vivienne Westwood’s name is synonymous with punk, rebellion and subversive British fashion,  Born in Derbyshire in 1941, Westwood has become one of the most loved style icons in British fashion history.
Vivienne Westwood started her design career in 1971 at 430 Kings Road and up till now, her designs has continued to be a tale of true British style, eccentricity and rebellion.
Twice British designer of the year and still a rebel with many causes, including; recently donating 1 million pounds to help stop climate change, Dame Vivienne is one of the most influential and original designers of our time.
My love for rebellious fashion and Vivienne Westwood items – just perfect!
“A ring is said to hold you together with someone else, a symbol of bonding – like marriage. And it is a ring because it is never ending; for eternity. A love and bond that lasts forever.”
So they say…
Armour Ring
The Armour Ring is available in Sterling Silver, Gunmetal and Gold plate. Customization options exist, giving you even more variety to choose from. And of course, giving you the total freedom to create your own piece.
The Armour Ring is made up of Silver “armadillo” inspired overlapping sections that encapsulate the finger and move with it. There is a Vivienne Westwood Orb in relief on the first of the armored sections.
Arguably, most world agree; the most recognized and popular of the Vivienne Westood jewelry collection.
Knuckleduster Ring
The Knuckleduster Ring is available in Sterling Silver, Gunmetal and Gold plate.
Of course, customization options exist, giving you even more variety to choose from.
And of also, giving you the total freedom to create your own piece.
It has been designed in three hinged sections giving the option to be worn with an “armadillo” effect or to be transformed into three linked rings which fold out across your fingers, giving you a handy knuckleduster – please use sparingly!
This ring features a triple connected design with top pyramid peak details and polished finish.
The Knuckleduster Ring would be my personal favorite of this lineup.
Multi Orb Armour Ring
Vivienne Westwood presents her iconic sterling silver Armour Ring with an engraved Orb update.
Vivienne Westwood’s Multi Orb Armour Ring is available in silver and customization options exist, giving you total freedom to create your very own piece.
In polished silver, the three tiered panel, hinged ring is sure to make a statement on any finger.
The Vivienne Westwood logo is engraved into the ring bands.
I would say this is the most unique and rare of the three items reviewed today!
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  1. Now I want to buy the same rings, because they’re ADORABLE!

    • Wow! I actually did this article out of boredom, but I’m glad it actually inspired you!
      Do you have these rings in boutiques where you live? Anyway, thanks for reading!!


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