☺ Mirròr rórriM ☻

Trick Art…

A perfect blend of art and amusement.

What is Trick art?

Trick art creates the illusion that depicted objects really exist and are not just two-dimensional paintings. It is a kind of tug-of-war between the artist and the observer.
The desire to judge things and to observe them correctly is an innate human instinct. But the fact that humans also tend to harbor certain assumptions and preconceptions without even thinking about them, can also lead to the brain to make mistaken judgments about what the eye observes. 
This gives rise to sensory illusions. Trick artists make clever use of sensory illusions, while the observer subconsciously tries to “expose” them. 
The Trick Art Museum in Odaiba as mentioned before, is a collection of amazingly realistic scenes designed so you can pose in them and take pictures that amuse and amaze. 
Among the 45 different illusions are a room in which you look like you’re escaping a ninja attack by clinging to the ceiling, almost getting eaten by a shark,  or trapped under Dracula’s giant wineglass.
Enjoying the excitement of trying to overcome this disparity is the real thrill that the Trick Art Museum offers. 
It’s a fun and highly enjoyable experience for everybody and provides loads of photographic entertainment and some truly amusing vacation shots.
The history of trick art goes a long way back, and dates back to about 2,000 years ago. 
It had become an established art form by the end of the Renaissance era. The theme of the concept here is essentially the same as the illusionism of that era, namely creating the optical illusion that the depicted objects really exist, instead of being just two-dimensional paintings. 
Be careful not to lose your balance in here! 
This is the Ames Room. It’s based on the room first constructed by the ophthalmologist Ames, the room uses distortions to create an illusion of relative sizes. In the picture, I seem to have shrunk mysteriously and looks smaller than another picture of myself, taken in this very same room!
Magic Table Surprise: “Hi! Where did my body go? Please, can you help find it?”
The Mirror Room! Take a closer look! Is the person in the mirror one and the same? 
 Kappa(s) And the Magic Mirror! Help!!
This should be quite a difficult shot to get but, don’t give up and keep trying! There’s always a solution to even the biggest challenge!
The results of  studies from around the world indicate that looking at trick art can stimulate the human brain.
Changes in the brain seem to be due to the excitement caused by the challenge to the basic human instinct of wanting to judge what is observed correctly.
For a fun and exciting time, put aside your preconceptions and enjoy Trick Art!
   It’ll open up new doors within your mind…. and a fluffy little kitty. LOL.
You are bound to make new discoveries!
Camouflaged and blended in really well inside this painting here, are 12 animals. Twelve animals of the Japanese zodiac. Can you spot em’ all?

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