☠ Even Death doesn’t know when to call it a day ☠

I am Death, destroyer of crates.
Also vases, skeletons. And bees. Yes, slavering horrors from Hell. I destroyed those,too.
Darksiders II – The latest from developer Vigil Games, a direct follow-up to the 2010 original.
Like its predecessor, Darksiders II provides solid action, albeit nestled amid a somewhat flawed experience.

It’s also possibly the most derivative game ever made – borrowing adventure and puzzle elements from The Legend of Zelda, platforming from Prince of Persia and action from God of War.

Darksiders II further fleshes out the story of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse introduced in the orignal Darksiders – this time with War’s brother, Death, in the spotlight.
Death believes that War has been wrongfully convicted of destroying mankind and seeks to restore humanity to clear War’s name.

In Darksiders II, a funny thing happens on the way to the apocalypse: it establishes an identity all its own, rather than one defined through the games that inspired its existence.
The game’s expanded scope which is about twice as big as the first game, and thoughtful pace (twice as long as the first game) are responsible for this.

You now have a chance to breathe between battles, and each new mechanic has time to settle in before a new one is introducedEach dungeon requires that you puzzle out how to get from one point to the next.

At first, this involves scaling walls, throwing the naturally occurring bombs you stumble upon, and pulling a few levers.
Then, you get a phantom grapple hook that allows you to swing from glowing hooks and extend your wall runs.
Later, you split yourself in three, petrifying your main form and using two doppelgangers to stand on switches and move platforms.You might miss the up-front barrage of action at first, but Darksiders II is more about adventure than constant onslaught, though there are plenty of battles waiting ahead.

Throughout the 20-hour or so campaign, you’ll discover dozens of weapons of differing rarity, along with stat-boosting armor and talismans.
Kinda feels like diablo 3, no?
Death’s basic moves can be further boosted by upgrading abilities in his skill tree, along with his powered-up Reaper form which provides you with kick-ass melee attack damage and increased resistance to attacks.
 One of the selling points of Darksiders II is that it’s far bigger than its predecessor – with a map that’s twice as big and a campaign that’s about three times longer than the original adventure.Unfortunately, in this case, bigger definitely isn’t better.
The freedom Darksiders II offers is something to behold – you’re able to journey around huge areas as you please, slashing enemies and seeking out treasure and loot drops to your heart’s content.
But the environments are simply too barren and often devoid of anything interesting to see or do.

So little is done to mix up the gameplay, the pacing feels draggy and the length of the adventure feels more like some chore than a bonus.

These flaws are very noticeable, but through it all, Darksiders 2 still proves strangely addictive. 

Even Death doesn’t know when to call it a day

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