☕ Holland: Volendam ⚓

After our Cruise in the Canals of Amsterdam, we drove for about 40 minutes (Rough estimate) to Volendam.
Volendam is in north Holland, Netherlands


Volendam is a small town in north Holland; Netherlands.

It’s about 20 kilometres north of Amsterdam.

Sometimes called “The pearl of the Zuiderzee”, this place is a highly popular tourist destination.

A fishing village in the Netherlands

Here, you’ll find many Dutch clichés, including the traditional costumes and wooden shoes. Most of them have a lot of history.

Its rather isolated location and the character of its inhabitants, have given Volendam a very specific atmosphere.

It’s a fishermen’s village, and the bustling harbor area with the many boats are still a major attraction today.

The fishing village known as Volendam

 From the 1880’s it was a popular dwelling place for artists, who found that the town seemed hardly touched by time and captured its characteristics in lots of different paintings and other works of art.

When you usually hear the phrase: “the sea stretches on forever”, is this what they mean?

Volendam’s traditional costume is one of best known examples of ancient clothing in the country. Only a handful of people wear it in their daily lives today, but as the locals have recognized its value for tourism you will probably still run into it here and there.

In the Netherlands, Volendam is famous for its singers. There’s a extensive Dutch music scene here and several of the most popular Dutch singers originate from this village.


With so many touristic places to visit, you cannot avoid this fishermen city of Volendam!
Cheese Factories

Cheese factories in the Netherlands

Do not miss the chance to check out the Cheese Factories!

Many different cheese samples are being offered (Thank you)!


And they taste so so sooooo damn good!

One more picture of the wonderful cheese!!!!!
Say cheeseeeeeeee!!!~

Mmmm, tasty…Cheese!

See-food! (get it?) >.<“

And not to forget, Seafood Restaurants too!

Dutch Fish and Chips!

All freshly prepared, it’s also truly worth a visit and definitely something different from our usual Sashimi!

We had a good view in the cafe cum restaurant, where we had our delicious meal.

I am a Starfish!

After our meal – I became a Starfish…

Well now…

My opinions…should they matter to you, please read on! 🙂

Most of the old houses on the waterfront are now restaurants and shops.

So, you don’t get a view of what it actually looked like when Volendam was once a fishing village – a long long time ago.

But we can’t change the past, can’t we.

I really liked this town in the Netherlands

What’s done has already been done and I would still say, Volendam is very much still well worth a visit!

If you do get a chance, please visit before even more changes (modernization) occurs!

Volendam, would love to live here! My dream house…

The current houses are still beautiful in my personal opinion.

Step out the door and voila!! This is what you see IMMEDIATELY!

I simply love the peacefulness and serenity I felt here.

Here are more pictures for you to enjoy!
Volendam, I want to live here. Dam(n)!
Alright, we’ve gotta leave now.
Or we wouldn’t be able to make it to our next destination on time!
Volendam is highly recommended and well worth the visit!
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Zaanse Schans would be our next destination!

Stay tuned for Part 4!

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