☆ A Surprise in the Lion City!

Oh man!!
I found so-so-so many blogger drafts which i totally forgot to publish, since last year!!
These are our pictures and posts about when we were in Singapore to catch a luxury cruise liner that would take us around Asia.
Day 1 of 6
This cruise ship would take us from Singapore to a few states in Malaysia & Thailand before finally ending in our last destination, Phuket.
Phuket has really wonderful beaches and we spent quite a while there too!!
To see more of our cruise journey, feel free to click the links below to see more!
Crusing the High Seas!
Part 1 – All Aboard!
Part 2Set Sail!
Part 4Sail Away
We arrived in Singapore 6 days prior to our cruise departure date, in order to see more of Singapore!
(I miss this place as the last time I was in Singapore was AGES ago!!!)
The events that happen in this post, took place 6 days before boarding our ship & so, this is where our journey officially started!
Another reason for that is because this was a surprise planned for a special occasion for someone even more special! 😉
Singapore’s a truly nice place & beautiful, clean city as you can see.
The only thing i seriously couldn’t take was the heat, but was the least of my concerns.
But!! The Heat + the Humidity, that dealt the finishing blow (to my our makeup)!
Well..go along the photos with me and you’ll know what i mean!!~
This amazing work of architecture is known around the world as Marina Bay Sands or MBS for short.
In Japan, this building is also known to most as the: シンガポール 船のビル.
  This building here – is right the top on most Japanese tourists favorite place of choice, to stay, when visiting Singapore.
One reason for that is pretty obvious…
Japanese boyband: SMAP, traveled all the way to Singapore Marina Bay Sands, to do a CM/Commercial that was aired on Japanese TV – NATIONWIDE in Japan!!!
Alright, back to topic!!
 This building is known at: Esplanade.
The Esplanade must have been inspired by a Durian – which I think is the Local Food Fruit, of Singapore.
 This is the area where we were doing to have our dinner.
On a side note, we had great panoramic views of the various hotels situated close by!
And now, dinner!!
The entrance to our private glass room, it was a really wonderful experience!
And we had to make the reservation…months in advance!
Honestly, it was big hassle – making calls, lots of preparations and more; BUT BUT….It was definitely well worth it!
 And the view of the Singapore Cityscape from our private dining room was beautiful!! 
 Wait..Are you eating the food or the present instead…?
Too excited??
 Anyway, this restaurant here serves wonderful Fusion Italian/Japanese Cuisine…
That’s if…if my memory doesn’t fail me correctly!  =X
 Now, on to the main event, FINALLY!!
 Happy birthday to you!!
To end this post, here’s another shot of beautiful light show from the MBS / 船のビル!
Day 2’s coming right up!
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~Thank you~

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10 thoughts on “☆ A Surprise in the Lion City!

  1. Singapore truely looks amazing! Great pictures!
    Does it take a long time to go there from Japan? I’m living in Japan and my boyfriend in Singapore, so i really hope i can visit!

  2. Amazing pics and lovely blog! So follow you via Gfc;)

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