☃ Winter in Innsbruck!

…Where are we??
Did you manage to guess right??
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It’s a brand new start and a brand new day!!
From where we last left off, we visited Hohensalzburg Castle while we were in Salzburg – before waking up today…
Today, we left Salzburg by train and arrive in…Innsbruck!!
To see where we visited in Salzburg previously, feel free to click these links below!
The train from Salzburg to Innsbruck takes you through some of Austria′s most scenic mountain ranges.
The busy streets of Innsbruck!
Trains run frequently – almost hourly and are usually direct ones that don′t require any changes. 
They are really convenient too!
The scenic views here – Blows you mind out and takes your breath away!!
The train journey from Salzburg to Innsbruck takes relatively little time. 
It takes just about two hours – but because you don′t have to change trains, costs relatively much money.
A one-way-ticket from Salzburg to Innsbruck, will cost you roughly about 40 Euros.
Despite being one of the smaller cities, Innsbruck has fantastic train connections to all major cities in its neighborhood.
The main station, Innsbruck Hauptbahnhof, is located at Südtiroler Platz. 
Südtiroler Platz means: South-tyrolean square and is situated in the east of the city center.
In addition there are several other stations which also serve suburban and regional train connections.
Innsbruck, in Austria
Innsbruck is the capital of the province Tyrol and Austria′s fifth-biggest town.
The city spreads along the scenic Inn Valley, whereby “Inn” is surprisingly – a river. 
It is a top-destination for skiing holidays, however, Innsbruck itself is a charming medieval city that makes an attractive destination all year round.
It is easily especially accessible from Salzburg, by train or by car.
Good morning everyone!
The city of Innsbruck is well known for its sporting opportunities – especially alpine sports, as it is in the Alps and surrounded by mountains. 
Many ski resorts in fact, are situated inside the city territory or within short distance.
Innsbruck was one of the centers of snowboard boom in the 1990’s and the derived distinct subculture endured until today. The population of skateboarders, snowboarders and people alike is therefore above average and nothing unusual to the locals.
Mac Donald’s in Insbruck
This culture is also celebrated by a lot of events in and around Innsbruck – especially during the winter season, attracting many young people from all around the world.
The Hofkirche is an example of a good starting point for exploring the proud and self-confident city of Innsbruck. In this church you’ll find the tomb of Emperor Maximilian I – whose court spent a lot of time in Innsbruck. 
The black bronze figures flanking the tomb are called Schwarze Mander in the distinct Tyrolian accent, meaning “black men”.
The Dom zu St. Jakob is a Baroque cathedral with works by Lucas Cranach the Elder. It was re-built between 1717 and 1724 by Johann Jakob Herkomer and Johann Georn Fischer. 
Wiltener Basilika
Another unique church closeby – in Baroque style, though with Rococo elements, is the Wiltener Basilika. Wiltener Basilika was built between 1751 and 1756 & it is affiliated with the Stift Wilten Abbey
We’ve come to the end of this post…
Stay tuned to see where we go next, in Innsbruck!
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