⋆✫Salzburg Residenzplatz✫⋆

Part 3
Hello again everyone!!
These horses must be freezing!! Give em’ a break man, it’s winter!
This is Part 3 – Residenzplatz. We’re continuing from Part 2, where we stopped by Getreidegasse before making our way here!
(Links to Part 1 and 2 can be found here, below)
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So…today, I bring you: Residenzplatz!!
Residenzplatz is a large, stately square in the heart of the historic center of Salzburg or Salzburgerland – in Austria. 
It is one of the most popular places to visit in Salzburg.
The Residenzplatz is located in the historic center ‘Altstadt’ of Salzburg. 
‘Altstadt means “Old Town”.
Residenzplatz is close to the Salzburg Cathedral – Dom – which we will be visiting tommorow.
Salzburger Dom
Residenzplatz is also quite close by to the Mozartplatz, and Hohensalzburg Castle.
The square is bordered by the Alte Residenz to the west, the Neue Residenz to the east, the Salzburg Cathedral – Dom, to the south and historic private houses: the Bürgerhäuser to the north.
The Residenzplatz was built by the Archbishop of Salzburg Wolf Dietrich Raitenau in 1587, who also ordered the construction of the monastery of the Salzburg Cathedral. 
As a result, a number of private hoses were demolished. 
A cemetery last used in the late 16th century was recently discovered underneath the Residenzplatz.
In the middle of the square sits a Grand Baroque Fountain, the Residenzbrunnen.
The fountain was created by Tomasso di Garona between 1656 to 1661.
It is made of marble, and it is considered the largest baroque fountain of Middle Europe.
Unfortunately, as you can see – it was winter, the fountain was closed and wasn’t running. =(
Dinner Time!!
Chinese, anyone?
We’re very close by to our accommodation for the night now…
And dinner time was fast approaching!
Decided to have some Chinese take-out, just within walking proximity from our hotel.
 The exterior decor of the Chinese bistro was pretty neat, I wasn’t surprised due to the fact that the owners were authentic Chinese.
And the food tasted really authentic too, it was really good!
 And from here on, it was time to retire for the night.

This was our accommodation for tonight.

Pretty nice rooms and we had good vibes about it.
Rooms were spacious and cozy and what’s more, the location & price was perfect too!
Really recommend it!

Part 4 will be coming right up, where we’ll be visiting Salzburg Cathedral; The Salzburger Dom!!
Stay tuned to continue following us on our journey across Europe!
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